When discussing the Gaza Strip conflict, one will be hard-pressed to know where exactly to begin. In the very first place, the Gaza Strip is considered to be a very important territory in the context of the power struggle between Israel and the other Palestinian territories. It is not at all surprising that the Gaza Strip conflict arises when the several opposing factions wage battles and military strikes against each other in order to have control over the area. Given the precise location and the status of the Gaza Strip (it is strategically located and it officially has the largest city among the Palestinian territories), it is not too shocking that it is often used as a political tool that signifies strength in the context of expanded territory.

Nowadays, when people use the term “Gaza Strip Conflict” the they would be referring to the latest development in the conflict as opposed to the entirety of the conflict itself. This is, of course, fair, considering the fact that the Gaza Strip conflict has technically been going on for years, broken only by periodical lulls that the factions use for recuperating their losses. Then something will once more ignite the fighting.

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