The Gaza Strip is the name of the specific area of land that serves as a coastline to the Mediterranean Sea; it is named after its capital, the city of Gaza. The area itself, found in the Middle East, is not part of any country, although it is labeled as a territory of Palestine (or if one wishes to be strict about it, Israel and other territories considered to be Palestinian) by the Palestinian National Authority. Of course, true political control of the area as of late has been determined by the results of the frequent and often violent battles that have exploding through Israel and the rest of the Palestine areas. For example, in 2007 the control of the Gaza Strip was officially taken on by the Hamas de facto government, although the Israeli nationals have aggressively been launching campaigns to regain power over the territory as of late.

Covering an area of one hundred and thirty-nine square feet, it is home to almost a million and a half residents of Palestinian heritage. The locals of the Gaza strip are, of course, referred to as Gazans, though some of them are only Gazans by marriage and not Gazans by blood – more often than not, they are refugees from previous conflicts faced by the Israeli government.

In this section of the site, we will be providing you with the precise demographics and other significant details of the area, some minor trivia regarding its culture, and photographs of some of its major attractions (in times of peace).