First founded in 15th century BCE, Gaza City has not been taken over by a proper government until the year 1994 AD. It is, in fact, the capital of the Gaza Strip (the entire territory is named after this city), and is the largest city in the Gaza Strip and all of the Palestinian territories. The other main Gaza Strip areas are as follows: North Gaza, Deir al-Balah, Khan Yunis and Rafah. There are many sources that lend different approaches to the naming of Gaza City. Some believe (and this is likely) that the name came from the Arabic word “Gazza” rooted from the Hebrew word for “strong”, though some believe that it may have been rooted from the Egyptian “Gazzat” or “prized city”. Whichever source was true, one may be led to think that this name may have sealed the fate of Gaza City as a city of political importance.

Out of the million and a half people living in the Gaza Strip, some four hundred and ten thousand people live in Gaza City, although it must be noted that lately, there have been some attempts to completely evacuate the area thanks to the recent developments in the conflicts surrounding Israel and the Palestine territories.

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