A “map” is, strictly speaking, a guide to and through a specific area. Of course, the precise definition of a map involves iconography, visual representations of the specific area that aid in the navigation of the space by approximating significant paths and landmarks that make the area unique. That being said, the main purpose of a map is to give people a clear picture of what an area is truly like. This Gaza Strip map, despite not being a map in the literal sense, is nevertheless a map in the figurative sense – it will provide you with a clear image of the Gaza Strip as place with a history and a culture that is all its own.

Gaza Strip Map is more than just a map to the city in terms of imagery. It puts the image in context using text. We’ve all surely heard of the Gaza Strip, but not all of us could understand the situations and points of view that have influenced the events that have catapulted it to international consciousness. Gaza Strip Map is, truly, your guide to Gaza Strip, from its history to its conflict, to its situation – you will learn to move your way around the area, think your way around its significant events, and have a better understanding of its impact on the rest of the world.